Commercial Partners

Badleys is working closely with companies which offer complementary software technologies and services to the international E&P industry. Our cooperation with these alliance partners enables improved links between the software packages and data, joint services which make it more efficient for clients to work on large integrated studies, and joint marketing efforts which make it easier for the alliance partners to present these services. Our alliance partners are:

Dharmattan Nigeria Ltd

Dharmattan provides exploration and production services mainly in Nigeria, but also in other Sub-Saharan African countries like Sudan, Ghana and Uganda. Their major areas of focus are in G&G evaluations (including seismic interpretation, petrophysics, volumetrics, fault seal analysis, static modelling, etc) and Reservoir Engineering (material balance analysis, nodal analysis, flow simulation, etc), as well as software sales, support and training.


Samit provides a broad spectrum of services primarily focused on the upstream E&P industry in different basins of India and abroad, and is Badleys' agent for the Indian region.

PT. PetroPro (Indonesia)

Sales, maintenance and service for measuring equipment, technical support and solutions for oil and gas industries. The company has a solid base of expertise covering all aspects of the exploration and development of Indonesia's oil, gas, coal, mineral, and geothermal industries.

Nunns & Rogan LLC, providers of StructureSolver

Badley Geoscience Ltd and Nunns & Rogan LLC announce the integration of the StructureSolver 2D structural geology toolkit with T7's advanced 3D structural interpretation, 3D QC, 3D modelling, fault-seal and fracture workflow. For regular T7 users this means that best-in-class, highly interactive 2D kinematic modelling is now available from within T7 providing an industry-first consolidated workbench for structural geologists. The toolkit can be accessed from all our seismic formats i.e. 2D, 3D in-lines, cross-lines, arbitrary lines and imaged-based sections. It's quick to learn, easy to use and very stable, employing patented algorithms to give kinematically valid solutions in complex contractional and extensional geological situations.

T SevenOCTekTrainingConsultancy