Badleys was founded in 1980 by Mike and Pam Badley. Mike had previously worked for Texaco in London and for Deminex in Germany. He was also a consultant to Norsk Hydro based in Oslo. In 1982, Mike joined with Mike Ashton and John Price to form Badley Ashton and Associates.

In 1992, Mike Badley acquired the Structural Geology/Geophysics Group, and the rights to the FAPS software and ceased to have any shareholding or further involvement with Badley Ashton & Associates.

In 2002 Mike Badley decided to retire from active involvement in the company and a new company was formed in January 2003, Badley Geoscience Limited. The directors of Badley Geoscience are Dr. Alan Roberts, Managing Director; Dr. Graham Yielding, Technical Director; Dr. Brett Freeman, Technical Director.

Mike Badley continues to be involved with Badley Technology who provide software for knowledge capture, documentation and collection.

The first release of the FAPS software (Fault Analysis Projection System) was in 1990. The first commercial release of the FAPS Fault Seal analysis module was in 1994. The next generation fault seal software, TrapTester, was first released in 2000. In 2014 the successor to TrapTester 6 was launched: T7.

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