OCTek Gravity Inversion


OCTek reports are delivered in digital form on a USB disk. The primary output from OCTek is a suite of digital grids which are available for unrestricted use to purchasing companies and institutions. The grids are supported by an atlas of maps, which documents the techniques and data used together with a plot from all of the supplied grids. Also included in each digital report is the heat-flow converter.

Improved crustal thickness maps

In the context of deep-water New Ventures exploration, output from OCTek helps to discriminate likely crustal thickness and crustal type across the ocean-continent transition (OCT) prior to specific and expensive data acquisition. Crustal thickness maps can be used to help plan the acquisition or purchase of seismic data, targeting key geological features revealed by the crustal mapping

Crustal thinning and heat-flow prediction

As an aid to Petroleum Systems Modelling, maps are produced of beta factor, thinning factor and residual continental crustal basement thickness across rifted margins and their ocean-continent transition. The maps of thinning factor can be readily converted to new maps of basement heat-flow through time, using the software executable provided.

Proven methodology

OCTek reports provide an analysis of data available in the public domain, but the techniques of OCTek have also been used for a number of year on a confidential client basis using proprietary data. OCTek technology has already been shown to work in a commercial context, helping exploration strategy in the following areas South America, West Africa, East Africa, Gulf of Mexico, Australia, Asia-Pacific, Indian Ocean, North Atlantic, Arctic Ocean and the Mediterranean.

Free public download 

A study applying the OCTek gravity inversion methodology to the conjugate South Australia – Antarctic margins has been made available for public download by Geoscience Australia. The work was performed by Nick Kusznir on Geoscience Australia's in-house data, it is not part of the OCTek Australasia study:

Project Summary & Free download of report
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