Other Products

Other Products

Badleys has delivered innovative software to the oil and gas business for more than 20 years. Our range of products span the exploration to production workflow and are the benchmark of good practice across the industry. We have a unique portfolio of structural geological analysis software tools for structural interpretation, fault-seal analysis, fracture prediction and basin modelling. Our software tools go beyond seismic interpretation and basic data modelling to provide you with solutions to your structural geological problems.

Structural & Statigraphic Basin Modelling Software

Windows application for 2D forward modelling of cross sections across rift basins and passive margins.

Windows application for the 2D restoration of cross-sections and the 3D restoration of maps & grids, predicting water-depths and palaeo-structure for rift basins and passive margins.

WinHeatXL is a 1D forward modelling tool for predicting heat flow, maturation and horizon temperature histories from well or cross-sectional data.

SfMargin is a new software tool for investigation of rifted continental margins being developed by Professor Nick Kusznir at Liverpool University, in collaboration with Badley Geoscience.

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