Research Partners

Research and innovation undertaken by our research partners, typically specialist groups within Universities, have and always shall be central to our operations. Novel methods of analysis developed by our partners are incorporated into practical software applications. Click on the name below for further details on each of our research partners.

Earth Structure and Geodynamics Group, University of Liverpool

Fundamental research into the geological processes that form sedimentary basins and continental margins.

Fault Analysis Group - University College Dublin

Research and characterisation of all aspects of faulting and to apply the results to practical problems, principally in the fields of hydrocarbon exploration & production and minerals exploration.

Department of Geology, Royal Holloway, University of London

Integrated studies in geophysics, structural geology and kinematic analysis of analogue fault models to investigate key problems in the evolution of rift systems and passive margins.

CeREES Centre for Geoenergy, University of Durham

CeREES works across all geoenergy themes, carrying out high level multidisciplinary research in Petroleum, Unconventional Hydrocarbons, Geothermal, Clean Coal, Resources from Waste and Carbon Capture and Storage.

Australian School of Petroleum, University of Adelaide, South Australia

Integrated, multi-disciplinary approach to petroleum reservoir characterisation & geostatistics and dynamic modelling and reservoir simulation.

Basins Research Group - Imperial College London

Fundamental research into the geodynamic, structural, and stratigraphic evolution of sedimentary basins.

CiPEG, University of Leeds

Petroleum Leeds brings together the Engineering and Geoscience expertise that is relevant to the oil and gas industry at the University of Leeds to create a world-leading research centre.

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