Fracture Prediction in T7

This is a new course for 2017 describing how to use Elastic Dislocation (ED) methods for predicting fractures in T7. The course is designed for geologists who want to learn more about how to use ED modelling and/or 3D Stress Analysis for predicting fractures and for fracture reactivation potential. The course is also suitable for reservoir engineers who have no previous experience of using T7 for Fracture Prediction.

Concepts and practical sessions include preparing fault framework models for ED modelling, incorporating rock properties and strain estimates, deriving forward models of fracture patterns for inclusion in reservoir simulations.

Some experience of using T7 or Traptester is preferred but is not essential

Course Contents:

Introduction to Elastic Dislocation (ED) modelling and Stress Analysis, introduction to Fracture Prediction Scenarios and data lists.

Preparing a framework model for ED modelling
Making and validating a fault framework model & fault polygons, defining model parameters, rock properties and data input.

ED Modelling
Separate exercises for deriving a forward model, conversion of ED model fractures to Fracture Networks, statistical analysis of fractures, comparison and interpretation of model outcomes.

Stress Analysis
Overview of 3D stress analysis modelling; comparison of main algorithms for predicting fault reactivation, application to ED modelled fracture networks to predict likelihood of slip and/or dilation.

When and Where?
The course can be in your offices or ours, for groups or individuals. The charges for the course will depend on the location, duration and number of people involved.

More information?
For more information about this course, contact us at or phone
+44 (0) 1790 753472

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