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Welcome to iSIMM

iSIMM - integrated Seismic Imaging & Modelling of Margins - is a major Earth Sciences research project funded jointly by government and the petroleum industry. It is part of the NERC/DTI Ocean Margins (Link) Programme and is scheduled to run from 1st October 2001 until 30th September 2005.
The iSIMM project was brought to a formal close with the project Partners at a meeting on 22nd November 2005, although iSIMM-related research, publications and public presentations will continue beyond this date
The primary aim of iSIMM is to develop a new quantitative model for the development of rifted continental margins, supported by the acquisition of new seismic data from the UK Atlantic margin targeted specifically to address this objective.
The principal scientific investigators of iSIMM are:

  • Liverpool University - Prof. Nick Kusznir
  • Cambridge University - Prof. Bob White
  • Schlumberger Cambridge Research - Dr Phil Christie
  • Badley Geoscience Ltd - Dr Alan Roberts
  • The industry partners, providing partial funding for research at Liverpool and Cambridge, are:

  • Agip UK (now Eni UK)
  • Amerada Hess
  • Anadarko North Sea
  • BP
  • Conoco UK (now ConocoPhillips UK)
  • Phillips Petroleum Norway (now ConocoPhillips Norway)
  • Shell Expro
  • Statoil UK
  • Western Geco International is providing vessel time for a significant towed streamer data acquisition programme. The data will be processed at Schlumberger Cambridge Research.
    Government funding for Liverpool and Cambridge is provided by the NERC, while government funding for Badley Geoscience is provided by the DTI. NERC also provides vessel time for an extensive OBS acquisition.


    The iSIMM web-site contains three main areas, each with different levels of access:

  • The Public area contains information on the project which is available for public release.
  • The Partners' area is a secure area which contains information on the project available only to the iSIMM partners.
  • The Principal Investigator's (PI's) area is another secure area which the PI's will use to share current research information prior to formal release to the iSIMM project partners.
  • The web-site will of course be regularly updated, and more data will be released, during the course of the project.
    If you would like more information on iSIMM please contact us via

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