OCTek Seismic - Black Sea

OCTek Seismic
Black Sea

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The OCTek Seismic Black Sea study has investigated the crustal structure of the offshore Black Sea region, based on a quantitative analysis of the ION Geophysical Black SeaSPAN seismic survey. A full description of the seismic survey can be found here

The quantitative analysis is based on the ION interpretation of the survey, a summary of which has been published here

The primary output from OCTek Seismic Black Sea is a line-by-line analysis of the survey, captured in illustrative montages of the profiles showing:
1 Moho depth and crustal-basement thickness, including display of this information on the PSDM and PSTM seismic sections (see below)
2 Crustal structure across the Ocean-Continent-Transition and the location of the Continent-Ocean-Boundary
3 The predicted distribution of volcanic rocks within the OCT
4 Crustal thinning-factor and beta-factor, as input for petroleum systems modelling. This is complemented by a guide on how to convert the results of the analysis into estimates of basement heat-flow history

Geo-referenced digital results for each seismic line are also provided, together with a selection of 3D digital grids compiling the results (see above).

If you have an interest in the Black SeaSPAN seismic survey, or an interest in the Black Sea in general, we invite you to contact us for further information

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