Stretch |forward modelling of syn-rift sequences

Forward modelling of syn-rift sequences


Over the past decade, significant advances have been made in the understanding of sedimentary basin dynamics. Together with our research partners at the Earth Structure and Geodynamics Group, University of Liverpool, we have developed techniques and a suite of software products (Stretch, Flexural Decompaction and Heat) for the large-scale analysis of rift basins and passive margins which are used mainly as an exploration tool.

Stretch is a forward modelling tool that produces profiles of whole-basin/regional structure, both at the syn-rift stage of fault block development and during the subsequent phase of post-rift subsidence.

Key Features:

Model complex histories:

Intelligent application of whole-lithosphere flexural cantilever model of basin dynamics to model complex histories either as consecutive rift phases or through punctuated periods of thermal subsidence. Model syn-rift elevation (footwall uplift) highlighting potential sediment source areas and predict amounts of erosion of fault blocks. Quantify the effects of sediment loading and compaction on stratigraphy.

Produce sequential isostatically-balanced cross-sections to depict stratigraphic, fault and basin geometries.

Derive thermal history:
Evaluate temperature history by generating beta (stretching) factors and the resulting thermal histories through time . All properties are displayable on horizon and fault surfaces.

Key Benefits:

Improved interpretation:

Analysis of isostatically-balanced cross-sections enables the seismic interpreter to validate and quality check their interpretations especially structure in the deeper parts of the basins.

Quantify geological processes:

Stretch forward modelling tools help geoscientists understand the complex geological processes involved in basin formation, such as why does rifting increase the heat flow; how and why there are elevated areas within a subsiding basin and how does the creation of bathymetry affect depositional processes.

Reduce exploration risk:

Together with the FlexDecomp and Heat software tools, Stretch provides additional data for the explorationist that are not available simply from seismic interpretation and stratigraphic analysis, thereby reducing risks associated with exploration.


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