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Badleys are working with Prof. Nick Kusznir, leader of Geodynamics Research at Liverpool University, on the OCTek project. OCTek uses a new gravity inversion technique (see references below) to map the crustal structure of global deep-water rifted margins. OCTek also restores these maps via a series of new plate reconstructions. The principal aim of the OCTek project is to assist new ventures exploration and petroleum systems modelling in frontier deep-water basins and margins.


Working on the project are Prof. Kusznir and Drs Andy Alvey & Alan Roberts from Badleys. Nick and Alan have worked together for more than 20 years on the geodynamics of rift basins and continental margins and bring this wealth of experience into the OCTek project. Andy's PhD, which investigated Arctic crustal structure, was gained from Liverpool University, applying the techniques now used in OCTek .

Key Publications:

Greenhalgh & Kusznir 2007
Chappel & Kusznir 2008

Alvey et al 2008
Cowie & Kusznir 2012

For more information about the OCTek project, contact us here or ask for Dr. Alan Roberts.