Consulting Services

Badleys has been at the forefront of technical innovation and most notably have led the industry in the commercial application of structural geological techniques, fault seal analysis and geomechanics. Our consultancy team, all Ph.Ds with extensive experience in applying their skills to oil industry problems, has close ties with researchers at Liverpool, Cambridge and University College Dublin.

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Much of our consultancy work involves use of our in-house-developed software applications and so a major strength of the team comes from its close interaction with our software developers.

Our expertise covers, but is not limited to the following areas:

Structural Geology

All of our consultants are PhD structural geologists with many years industry experience.

Seismic Interpretation

2D & 3D interpretation of structurally complex regions.

Basin Dynamics (structural & stratigraphic basin modelling)

We offer a broad portfolio of basin dynamics services, from gravity modelling to palinspastic restoration and more.

3D Fault Modelling & Framework model building

Use of displacement analysis techniques to determine mapping accuracy to indicate problematic areas of horizon and fault interpretation.

Fault-Seal Analysis and Trap Integrity

Mapping fault-bound traps, assessing leakage/seal risk, prediction of contact depths, column heights and physical properties of the fault zone.

Fault & Fracture Analysis and Prediction

Fault reactivation risk appraisal. Statistical characteristics and density interpolation, use of geomechanical models to predict spatial distributions and failure modes.

Modelling Fault Properties for Reservoir Simulation

We offer consultancy for Corner Point Grid modelling of faults and their properties using the most advanced tools in the market.

Consulting work can be carried out either in our office here in Hundleby or on-site depending upon project duration. Long duration projects, lasting several weeks or more, are typically undertaken in our office. Project documentation is usually on a daily or weekly basis with access to the reports via a client specific (and secure) part of the Badleys web site. Transfer of data for the project work can be made through our secure ftp site.

For further details about our consulting services, or general enquires please contact our consultancy team.

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