Faults affect structure, trapping of hydrocarbons and fluid flow during production. We are experts in the application of structural-geological methods to the investigation and analysis of fault-related geological problems. Our range of services span the exploration to production workflow and are the benchmark of 'good' practice across the petroleum industry Badleys has established a world-wide reputation as leaders in this field with a global client base of majors, independents and government agencies.



Our consultancy services are delivered by a team of expert geoscientists. For over 20 years we have been applying our globally acknowledged expertise to the solution of structural problems across the spectrum of oil and gas habitats

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We offer a broad portfolio of public and corporate training courses. These vary from conventional classroom sessions to hands-on software training. All our courses are aimed at optimizing the benefits of modern interpretation and structural analysis techniques.

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We have been developing a series of webinars that focus on typical everyday tasks users can perform within TrapTester. The webinars have been designed as ~30min presentations with the aim of increasing our clients' knowledge of TrapTester.

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