Our public and private training courses help you to get the most out of modern structural analysis techniques. We have designed the courses to meet the challenging and changing demands on the technical skills of geologists and geophysicists as exploration and development moves into more advanced phases. Courses can also be offered in-house at your offices, and can be tailored to your specific day-to-day work requirements.

Courses offered in-house or at client location

Getting started with T7 (1day)

This is a new course with a dominantly practical content. It is aimed at users who require a quick start in using T7

Introduction to T7 (3 days)

Concepts covered include interpreting faults and horizons in 3D seismic, derivation of a geologically robust three dimensional faulted framework model, structural quality control, geometric seal analysis, integration of well data, the SGR method, fault seal calibration and geomechanical risk factors.

Geomodelling in T7 (3 days)

How to use T7 to create, populate and analyse faults in Geomodels (also known as Geo-Cellular grids or CPGs).

Fracture Prediction in T7 (3 days)

How to use Elastic Dislocation (ED) methods for predicting fractures in T7, deriving forward models of fracture patterns and densities for inclusion in reservoir simulations.

Fault Seal Analysis - Theory (2 days)

Theory-based course on methods and techniques for evaluating sealing faults.

Practical Fault Analysis (3 days)

Practical (need not be software-driven) course that covers all aspects of fault interpretation, from picking strategies through correlation and linkage to structural quality control.


Short, remotely-delivered webinars are available on a variety of topics

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