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Here you can find a list of newsletters sent to our many clients. To download a newsletter, click on the link marked pdf (download requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to be installed for viewing and printing.

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Issue 103, December 2019. T7.1 Released pdf  
Issue 102, March 2019. Lyell Medal, Geomechanics and No.1 in the Charts pdf  
Issue 101, February 2019. Places still available in Houston and new publication. pdf  
Issue 100, December 2018. T7.1 coming soon. pdf  
Issue 99, November 2018. Badley Geoscience announces the release of ORC. pdf  
Issue 98, October 2018. Dublin Expo, Geo Expro, OCTek, HEAT & Carbonate Group. pdf  
Issue 97, August 2018. Geodynamics and Carbonate Fault Group papers, T7 update. pdf  
Issue 96, May 2018. OA paper, keynote presentation and T7 video content. pdf  
Issue 95, April 2018. Visit Badleys at IPA Jakarta . pdf  
Issue 94, April 2018. Version 7.050 now available to download. pdf  
Issue 93, March 2018. Upgrade 050 coming soon, OTC Asia & Training Courses. pdf  
Issue 92, December 2017. Support coverage over the festive season. pdf  
Issue 91, November 2017. Fault Seal Conference and Awards Presented. pdf  
Issue 90, October 2017. Visit Badleys at the AAPG/SEG ICE London. pdf  
Issue 89, August 2017. OGA Forum and Africa E&P Conference. pdf  
Issue 88, April 2017. Announcing the release of T7.040. pdf  
Issue 87, March 2017. AAPG Alert: Visit Badleys at AAPG Houston. pdf  
Issue 86, February 2017. Training courses announced and AAPG Houston. pdf  
Issue 85, December 2016. Support over festive season and selected reading. pdf  
Issue 84, October 2016. Major upgrade T7.030 now available. pdf  
Issue 83, June 2016. Visit Badleys at AAPG Calgary, June 19 - 23. pdf  
Issue 82, May 2016. OGA grant, IPA Jakarta, Basin Mastery and CFR update. pdf  
Issue 81, March 2016. Presentations at Rifts and Barcelona, expo Booth #220. pdf  
Issue 80, February 2016. Training dates, OCTek Med and CFR project. pdf  
Issue 79, January 2016. News for 2016. pdf  
Issue 78, December 2015. Support coverage over festive season. pdf  
Issue 77, December 2015. T7.020 upgrade, StructureSolver link live pdf  
Issue 76, October 2015. SEG New Orleans, Geomechanics meet & T7 new features pdf  
Issue 75, September 2015. Busy conference season, T7 new features & OCTek news pdf  
Issue 74, May 2015. AAPG Denver Special Announcement: Visit us at booth #1845 pdf  
Issue 73, May 2015. Houston User Meeting, Exhibitions and Courses pdf  
Issue 72, April 2015. Houston User Meeting, Exhibitions and Courses in May pdf  
Issue 71, March 2015. New project launched - OCTek Seismic pdf  
Issue 70, February 2015. T7 available for download and other news pdf  
Issue 69, December 2014. Support coverage, 2015 events, OCTek & CFR pdf  
Issue 68, November 2014. User Meetings report, OCTek GoM, CFR Group, T7 pdf  
Issue 67, October 2014. Badleys at SEG Denver and other events pdf  
Issue 66, September 2014. Invite to User Meetings pdf  
Issue 65, August 2014. Conferences, user meetings and OCTek announcements pdf  
Issue 64, June 2014. Announcement of London and Aberdeen user meetings pdf  
Issue 63, May 2014. Training course availability pdf  
Issue 62, March 2014. New faces and AAPG preview pdf  
Issue 61, December 2013. Looking ahead to 2014 pdf  
Issue 60, September 2013. 3P Arctic conference, TT-DirectLinks and Stretch update pdf  
Issue 59, July 2013. TrapTester upgrade 6.130 available, OCTek update pdf  
Issue 58, June 2013. Badleys at EAGE 2013 pdf  
Issue 57, May 2013. New website, Badleys at AAPG 2013, Training Courses for 2013 pdf  
Issue 56, April 2013. OCTek Arctic/North Atlantic update, Training Courses for 2013 pdf  
Issue 55, March 2013 . TrapTester update, Petroleum Geoscience pdf  
Issue 54, February 2013. Training Courses for 2013 pdf  
Issue 53, December 2012. TrapTester 6.11 patch, OCTek update pdf  
Issue 52, September 2012. AAPG Singapore, Presentations, Media Kits pdf  
Issue 51, April 2012. AAPG Long Beach, TrapTester 6.1, Training courses pdf  
Issues 3-50 (2003-2011). These can be found in the Archive    


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