Fault Seal Analysis

A two to three-day theory-based course on methods and techniques for evaluating sealing faults. The emphasis is placed on the application of an objective methodology to the analysis of sub-surface data (seismic interpretation and wells). The course is suitable for geologists, geophysicists and reservoir engineers.

All sessions comprise a mixture of lectures and practical sessions.

The course is designed to give geologists and reservoir engineers a thorough overview of new structural techniques for detailed analysis of fault seal.

Course contents:

Key Concepts
Causes and evaluation of subsurface pressures; seal classification - capillary seals and permeability.

Fault juxtaposition seal
Fault-displacement patterns, analysis of seismic interpretations and map data, triangle diagrams.

Fault-seal mechanisms
Clay smear, cataclastic features, cementation/diagenesis, prediction of fault-seal capacity (gouge ratio and smear factor)..

Faults, fluid flow and diagenesis
Fluid flow along faults, slip tendency.

Fault seals in production
Application to reservoir models, estimation of transmissibility multipliers.

When and Where?
The course can be in your offices or ours, for groups or individuals. The charges for the course will depend on the location, duration and number of people involved.

More information?
For more information about this course, contact us at info@badleys.co.uk or phone
+44 (0) 1790 753472

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