WinHeatXL | 1D tool for modelling heat flow

1D tool for modelling heat flow


Over the past decade, significant advances have been made in the understanding of sedimentary basin dynamics. Together with our research partners at the Earth Structure and Geodynamics Group, University of Liverpool, we have developed techniques and a suite of software products (Stretch, Flexural Decompaction and Heat) for the large-scale analysis of rift basins and passive margins which are used mainly as an exploration tool.

WinHeatXL is a 1D forward modelling tool for predicting heat flow, maturation and horizon temperature histories from well or cross-sectional data.

Key Features:

Quantify heat-flow history:

Predict interval temperature profiles and horizon temperature histories. Data can be exported for use in other applications.

Temperature calibration:
Source rock maturation indicators (vitrinite reflectance values) can be calibrated against downhole temperature.

Key Benefits:

Reduce exploration risk:

The explorationist with additional data for evaluating the thermal history of a basin, thereby reducing the risks associated with exploration.


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